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Last week I set up an apple bluetooth keyboard and mouse on my iMac. I was leery but I really like the feel of apple keyboards. I was noticing a little memory stuff going on with me but nothing that made me worry.

Yesterday I couldn’t get my other desktop with a wired keyboard working on Zoom so I switched to the iMac. By the end of the two hour session I felt like I had had a lobotomy.

I’m part of a local group called Coloradans for Safe Technology. I had heard from one particular member how sensitive she…

It’s a pretty big name we’ve chosen, Divine Tribe.

Christopher, Sara and Michael

What I’ve realized is this band is a symbol for humanity becoming a Divine Tribe. All the effort, progress and processing that goes on as we rehearse towards bringing this music to you, effects us, but you as well. What’s more, I’ve realized the band is a vehicle for the evolution of not only each of us in the band and each of you in the audience but the evolution of all humanity. At least this is my intention.

More specifically I’ve realized there is basically three kinds of development going…

I’ve found it very challenging to know what to believe and how to approach daily life during this pandemic.What I’ve arrived at is a way for me to manage the uncertainty inside of me and the hope that by managing the uncertainty of my perspective, the uncertainty outside of me will work itself out.

It’s often been said that life is a dream. If this is true then what is occurring at any point in time can be approached as a dream. In the case of the pandemic, I am approaching it as a Collective Dream.

Websites are like cars. We want to use them but we may not know how they work.

I am a web designer and I get a lot of the same questions from prospective clients. I’d like to take the time to answer some common questions so you, the person who is looking to have a website built for you, knows some of the lingo and you have a basic idea of how web hosting works.

What’s under the hood

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In these troubled times, it is a great relief to know that we possess within ourselves both the prevention for and remedy to any form of illness.

Auto Urine Therapy (also known as AUT, Shivambhu, Amaroli, Urine therapy, UT), is a 5000-year-old yoga practice using one’s urine ( a sterile, natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial substance) to maintain and restore one’s health. Isn’t this amazing? Western Medicine has created so much misunderstanding about the nature of our urine.

What is Urine?

When people tell me this I feel there’s something missing from our response to this pandemic. I decided to throw the I Ching about the virus. The reading is below.

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What is the I Ching and how can it help us?

The I Ching is an ancient oracle from China. I Ching translates as “ The Book of Changes”. I have used the I Ching for decades in my life. It helps me discern indiscernible things. I use it before making important decisions and when I want to move forward with something but there are factors that cannot be known in ordinary ways. The I Ching will suggest a way forward based on the intention I hold in my conscious and unconscious mind. Note: it’s important to throw the I Ching when you are relatively untroubled. Otherwise, you can consciously ask a question but the oracle will pick up what’s going on in your unconscious, which may be totally unrelated to your conscious question.

Have you seen Joaquin Phoenix’s Academy Award Best Actor acceptance speech?

If not you should. He speaks a message which humans need to hear right now.

Watch speech

But that’s not what this blog is about. This blog is about the movie that won him the best actor award, The Joker. A lot of people have not and will not see this movie. I understand. It’s disturbingly violent. This blog is not about convincing you to see the movie. But the question is, what are you missing by not watching The Joker? In this blog I will tell you.

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Giving Voice to the Voiceless

Arthur Fleck is struggling. He’s been in emotional pain all his life. He was abused as a child, his stepfather and mother chained him to a radiator. Currently he works as a clown, bouncing a discount sign with a smiling face outside a Gotham storefront. A gang of kids run by and steal the sign. Arthur takes off running after the kids, down an alley. The kids turn on Arthur, kick the shit out of him and destroy the sign. Arthur gets reprimanded by his boss for losing the sign. One of his coworkers gives Arthur a gun to protect himself. Riding home on the subway three young men who have cushy jobs with Wayne Enterprises are drunk and get their kicks by throwing food at a young woman. Arthur has had a strange behavior all his life. When he is under stress, he laughs uncontrollably. Dressed as a clown from his day at work, Arthur starts to laugh as these guys torment the young woman. The guys turn on Arthur, beating and kicking him. Arthur takes out the gun and shoots two of them. The third runs away. Arthur follows him and shoots him as he’s trying to escape up the stairs to street level. Somebody has taken a video of this incident. It is posted on the internet and TV and soon there’s thousands of people wearing clown masks and protesting for their rights. Unwittingly Arthur has become the voice of the voiceless.


My father took bicycles and cars apart and put them back together. I've taken the Universe apart and I'm trying to put it back together.

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